How many handshakes are you away from Obama? The answer gives us a look in our social web. Gyflielmo Marconis theorie is that between you and every other person on earth are six contacts. This magazine is the paper version of a social network.


Editors: Melissa Peters, Lauranne Cox and Okkie Ooms

Somniare stands for dreaming. A tool in which you can easily shape your dreams into a illustration. With the help of a manual, diary and a database of symbols, you can use the design matrix tool to shape your dream into a graphic story.

Dissertation about triggers that stimulate your dreams to increase or remember your memories. Containing a concept to help patients from the Child Protection Plan to determine what the patient should read or know about their past, giving the chance to find out if the memories they preserve are real or imagined.

Designing the catalogue to show CH’s, Equestrian Riding Wear S/S 2013 collection.


Director: Jose Kouwenhoven

Photographer: Otto van der Toorn

Models: Roos Ketting & Laurens van Lieren

Intern: Melissa Peters

Various Textile Designs.

Portraits of three woman who are in charge of the Police, Ambulance an Fire-Stations in Lincoln, UK.


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